1. At what layer of the OSI model do routers operate?
2. How to find a process which occupy large space in linux?
3. How to find a users process and user, who logged is?
4. how to list all files?
5. what are the layers of OSI?
6.How to find a word ‘linux’ in the test.txt file?
7. how to find a ip address is connected or not?
8. how to ping ip address continuously?
9. How to view a file with its size?
10. what is the command to see size is human readable from?
11. In vi editor, what is the key used delete a single character?
12. What is the command to remove file?
13. In vi editor, what is the key used to save and remain in the editing session?
14. how to copy move, and rename a file?
15. how to kill a process is background and foreground?
16. Permission command related questions?
17. How to uncompress tar file
18. SCP ( Secure copy protocol) related question?
19. how to check current directory?
20. How to open a shell script file?
21. telnet related questions?
22. How to find a word is a file and number of word?
23. How to find number of lines in vi editor?
24. how to delete a current word and current line vi editor
25. which option is not a communication command?
26.which option is used to transfer file between 2 server?